31/08/2018 - 09/09/2018

Athens – Lefkas – Paxoi – Antipaxoi – Kefalonia – Ithaca – Syvota

7 sailing boats, 1 catamaran, 58 swing dancers from all over the word. New entries: swing dancers from Italy and Ukraine and of course the usual suspects: Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, USA, Australia, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Greece.

We danced everywhere! Boats, cabins, beaches, bars, streets, even in the water!

A treasure hunt made our lives even more crazy! Each boat had a mission to accomplish every day, so much fun for us to watch!

Finally, we keep believing that Swing’n’Sail brings people even closer. Last year: an engagement proposal! This year: a marriage proposal at the catamaran! Looking forward to see what’s coming up next…

Thank you ionionsails.com , for not only do you make sure we’ll all have amazing vacation but also you make us feel safe…

Video/Photos: Kostas Dimas

Designed by 83PiXEL Creative Studio