Sporades Sea – June 2019

21/06/2019 - 29/06/2019

It’s all about the fun, It’s all about the dancing

It’s 21 of June, a group of Swing sailors meet in Athens for the first time and a new adventure begins! Dancers from Germany, Switzerland, Spain, the US, Greece and more countries join their high spirits and get ready to explore amazing Greek islands, conquer the dancefloor with new moves and sail along the Sporades islands, participating in the only Lindy hop floating festival in the world: Swing’n’Sail2019. Kevin St.Laurent & Maren Merian, our guest teachers and the leading dancing couple, bring dancing inspiration and a palette of refreshing dancing moves to spice up our dancing.

Workshops with special moves and highlights level up the participants’ dancing who mingle with the Greek dancing community at Hard Rock café and the party is on! The amazing live tunes of the Dead Hoofers make this warm-up event even more special!

The sailing trip starts in Volos after a welcoming party where the Swing Sailors’ team get together with local dancers at an amazing outdoor party, celebrating together the 2nd day of the European music Day and the live music of Drive-in Lovers.

Next destinations: Allonissos, Skiathos and Skopelos islands and the all-day water fun and relaxation on the sailboats, the endless water games and competitions create a wholehearted atmosphere full of smiles and lots of “underwater” improvisations! Bonding of the teams is getting stronger as days go by, as they cook and drink together, they even organize a surprise birthday party on their boat!

When the night comes, swing music and dancing to special summery venues await! Special Dj sets by Kevin and Maren make the participants dance their hearts out!

Before the sail comes to an end, Swing Sailors visit a unique, secret spot worth seeing: this time the location was the mesmerizing waters of a traditional fishing village at Kottes Magnissias. The fish tavern offers quality fresh fish and the location transforms to a dancing hall for the Swing Sailors exclusively!

When the sailboats reach the shore, more classes and fun outdoor parties in Volos and back to Athens extend the special dancing vibe of Swing ’n’ Sail. Kevin and Maren even teach a special move at their last workshop inspired by our festival called “the Nautical move”.

The team and the crew of Swing’n’Sail proved one more time that dancing Lindy hop and sharing the rhythms of swing music can bring us closer. What is special about the Swing Sailors is that they eventually feel as a dancing company of friends, sharing unique images and memories of the beauty of the Greek islands!

Special thanks to sailaegean.com and the skippers for making this vacation even more special and to the crew for keeping this cheerful vibration. Let the beat of Swing”n”Sail Vol.2 go on!

Designed by 83PiXEL Creative Studio