It was a summery night in Athens when Megky-while eating pizza and drinking orange juice on her balcony- came up with the idea of combining two of her passions in a festival; Lindy hop dancing and travelling to the mesmerizing blue waters of the Greek islands. Megky has hosted many international dancers in her events like Kevin St.Laurent, Jo Hoffberg, Sharon Davis, Pamela Gaizutyte, Tatiana Udry, Tony Jackson, Ben White, Irene Ragusini, Nick Williams, Daniel & Asa Heedman, Patrick Szmidt, Natasha Ouimet, Martin Lasthein, Minou Ericson, Manuel Bicain, Mariel Gastiarena and more and has organized Lindy hop parties in Athens since 2012. Her truly warm-hearted temperament and her passion to make everyone “feel like home” will definitely make this event a unique experience and a memory that will last forever

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